Welcome to the lab! Please read this document as the first task in this lab.

What is Research?

“Research is what I am doing when I don’t know what I am doing,” Wernher von Braun

The defining characteristic of research is everything—from motivation to methods to evaluation to goal—is tentative: in the middle of doing research, you don’t know what will be the end result. As a consequence, a researcher will suffer everyday from:

Management Principles

To get things done despite the fundamental uncertainty of research, this lab (ironically) aims to keep tangential uncertainty to the minimum. All uncertainty are not created equal. Some uncertainty, such as confusion on schedule or communication, is not beneficial for productivity. On the other hand, other uncertainty, such as unexplored design spaces, is the very definition of research. To be productive, we need to keep the former to the minimum and control the latter to the appropriate amount. (The meaning of “the appropriate amount” constitutes a researcher’s character; at first, please follow Jeehoon’s taste.)

To minimize the unnecessary uncertainty, this lab enforces a small number of rules on communication. Rules are good at minimizing confusions. For example, is it okay to mention someone in chatting applications during night time? People have vastly different opinion on this, possibly causing unnecessary tension among them, so we want to define whether it’s acceptable or rude in a rule. (FYI, we allow night-time mentions, but you’re required to react to them only in work hours.) On the other hand, rules are hard to follow if there are so many. So we want to keep the number of rules as low as possible.


Mode of communication

Volume of communication

Reliability of communication

Writing and speaking skills for communication

Tools for communication


When you first come to the lab, please do the following instructions:

Google Drive, Docs, Spreadsheet, slide

Create and maintain your website at{firstname}.{lastname}.

Development Tools

Before joining the lab, you should become familiar with a few development tools.

Equipment and Tutorials