Seungmin Jeon (전승민)

Seungmin Jeon

I am an Undergraduate Student at Chungnam National University, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. I joined Concurrency and Parallelism Laboratory because I’m interested in designing concurrent and parallel systems and studying how to research these topics.

Thankfully, I am working on designing a practical persistent memory library, one of my interesting topics.



  • (2021) Computer Science & Engineering. Chungnam National University (expected).


  • Research intern, Mobile Distributed Computing Lab (Chungnam National University), September, 2020 - December, 2020

    (topic : behavioral control algorithm for autonomous robots)

  • Research intern, Embedded System Lab (Chungnam National University), March, 2020 - June, 2020.

    (topic : sound-based bird classification)

  • Development intern, Satrec Initiative, December, 2019 - February, 2020.

    (topic : various tool development)

  • Research intern, System Architecture and Security Lab (Chungnam National University), June, 2019 - December, 2019

    (topic : identification of malicious code variants)


  • Jaemin Kang, Seungmin Jeon, Hyungshin Kim. Pre-processing Method for Bird Sound Classifier. Proceedings of 2020 IEMEK Symposium on Embedded Technology, July, 2020, pp. 40-41. (written in Korean)

  • Seungmin Jeon, Woojin Joe, Hyongshik Kim. A Malware Variants Detection Method Based on Malicious API Call Sequence, Proceedings of Korea Software Congress 2019, December, 2019 , pp. 1630-1632 (written in Korean)